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To accommodate the growing number of annual visitors the Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway adds over 70 new miles of roads and trails in 2021.

When the idea for the DBBB became a reality five years ago, it was hard to imagine just how utilized this old collection of county roads would become. Visitors come from near and far to enjoy this beautiful area and the many rock formations it is home to. While the roots of off-road driving run deep in the Red River Gorge, the Byway was the first attempt to organize trails across multiple counties in to one easy to navigate system. With help from county officials and organizations such as SFWDA (Southern Four Wheel Drive Association), ORFW (Ohio River Four Wheelers) and the Kentucky Krawlers the DBBB was born.

Good things take time

As traffic continues to increase on the Byway the need for further expansion must be balanced with the ability to maintain current and future routes. 2020 brought about an organized effort to look at the DBBB as its laid out today and target areas for improvement along with the viability (and cost) of expanding the trail system. Because of fundraising efforts by local clubs and organizations like the KYTLCA (Kentucky Toyota Land Cruiser Organization) a "DBBB Trail Maintenance Fund" was established and became the first step towards making the expansion a reality.

A focus on the future

With a plan in place to support the current and future needs of the DBBB, the decision was made to finalize the mapping of phase two of the Byway. The data for the new portion was sent to our mapping partner, CartoTracks, where it's currently being compiled and will make its debut in time for our May "Back the Byway" fundraising ride. Those who attend will be the first to see and ride on the new sections of the DBBB! While we're excited to share these new trails with you remember that this can't happen without your support. Please consider attending a fund-raising ride or becoming a "Friend of the Byway".

Tread lightly and stay on the trail!


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C. Perry
C. Perry
28 may 2023

Went to the spring DBBB event and got to see a couple of the new trails for the Furnace Loop:

Me gusta
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